Blue Cruise Guide

You will be included in a very enjoyable process that starts from the moment you decide on an unlimited blue voyage for your holiday. During the blue voyage, you can choose from the bays you want to see to your food and beverages, or you can leave this to your agency. These five items are very important for you to pay attention to for the most popular boat holiday option of recent years, where you will enjoy the sea and the sun.

The rental process

The decision you make for boat rental is considered the backbone of your holiday. Having a good command of everything from the services received on your boat, where you will spend most of your time, to the equipment of the boat, also prevents you from being nervous. In this process, you will be guided in the most correct way by our holiday consultant. Crew for sailboats and catamarans can be accommodated at your request. Motor yachts and gulets are chartered with at least one captain and one crew. During this period, the accommodation capacity of the boats you will choose is one of the most important points. The choice of boat will be extremely effective, from the time you want to evaluate your holiday to the frequency of activity.


For your food and personal needs, you must have correctly arranged your shopping for the time you will go out. Your agency can also do your shopping in line with your request. Since you will be at sea for a long time, make sure that you do not have a missing need.

Life at Sea

After discussing all the details about the boat with the agency official on the day the tour will start, if you have chartered a boat with a captain, your cruise starts after a briefing with your captain's safety warnings. It would be prudent to choose gear and comfortable slippers so that you do not slip and fall on the boats. During the day, you stop at at least two bays and discover the magnificent spots of the blue voyage. Thanks to experienced captains, you will definitely reach the sights of the region.


The boat you rent has some equipment for water sports. Regarding this, you should definitely contact your agency during the rental process. However, there is a facility for water sports in many bays on the blue cruise routes. Your captain will help you on this journey, where you can do almost all of it.

Land walks

Some of the coves and islands you will visit are home to paths where you can take walks with extremely beautiful nature for hiking. From these paths, you can sometimes reach an ancient city and sometimes reach a wonderful hill where you can watch the sea from a magnificent angle. Therefore, you should definitely have comfortable sneakers with you. These walks are also extremely beneficial for your health.