Marmaris; Gulet Privilege

Bozburun, which is a part of the district, is at the top of gulet production in Turkey. Thanks to the gulet festival held at the end of October, the organization where thousands of boat lovers meet is worth seeing. Marmaris is currently one of the most prominent districts of Turkey's nightlife and sea tourism. With the developing technology, the gulet options have now reached the upper levels with both accommodation capacity and technological opportunities. Having almost the same facilities as a luxury motor yacht, gulets with their traditional wooden structure and wide decks are one of the best choices in recent years for the blue voyage, where you can easily take a vacation with a large group and offer you the opportunity to sail whenever you wish.

Your Dream Vacation

Home to beautiful bays, Marmaris is a perfect port city. The geography, where you can feel all the beauties of the ancient Caria region in its silhouette and nature, where it improves its service quality every day to reach a better point in the name of tourism, and where you can easily access all the details of maritime, is waiting for you to make your dreams come true. Your gulet cruises to unique blue cruise destinations such as Fethiye, Göcek, Bodrum, neighboring Greek Islands and Hisarönü will turn into unforgettable memories. We can list the bays that you must see in Marmaris as follows;

Çiftlik Bay

It is one of the most beautiful bays of Marmaris with its clean and clear sea and coarse sandy beach. The submarine population is quite high thanks to the rocky infrastructure of the bay, where we can see magnificent views in 12 months of the year. Therefore, it is among the frequent destinations of diving tours and daily boats.

Turunç Bay

Turunç, a fishing town, has recently emerged as another frequently preferred cove for the convenience it provides for blue cruise holidaymakers. There is also an organic market area for the local people in the area where there are many cafes and restaurants on the coastline stretching with its blue flag beach with its clean sandy beach. You can easily access dairy products and many herbal products that are completely produced by the local people.

Amos Bay

The bay of Turunç town is one of the old settlements of Rome. Another feature of the bay, where you can find many ancient ruins and beautiful walking paths, is that there are hundreds of stones of different colors. Most visitors collect these stones as memories. Since this region has a rocky structure, it is among the preferred areas for diving.

Kumlubük Bay

It is one of the coves where trekking and water sports are the most intense. The bay, which can be reached by road, is one of the most popular bays of Marmaris. It is often included in the Blue voyage routes.

Gebekse Bay

In the cove, which has a pebble beach, it is very enjoyable to watch the sea with sea goggles. The bay, where there is no road transportation, is much quieter than other bays. It is one of the wonderful bays where natural beauties are better preserved and where you can come across every shade of blue in the sea.

Bördübet Bay (bird heaven)

It is the bay where many local and foreign tourists go with curiosity. Hundreds of different bird species live in the bay, which the crew of the British warship, who took shelter in the 1st World War, called the "bird the bed". The river, which is completely surrounded by a natural wonder, has water sports and paths on its land where you can take wonderful walks.